The response to Fan Free Tables has been overwhelming! At this time , we are no longer taking anymore advance table reservations. However, there are still a limited amount of tables for fans attending the day of the event. They will be available on a first come first served basis with admission purchase. Please feel free to bring a card table, blanket, tent or the like and we will get you in where you can fit in once we are out of physical tables. Again first come first served and items must be COMIC, TOY OR FANDOM RELATED


Dealers Tables


Friday Night early set up 4pm to 11pm

Saturday Morning Setup for Dealers: 8am to 10am

Open to the public: 10am to 5pm Sunday

If you are interested in a dealer table, pleaseContact us

Tables are FREE ( This is a $100 value per table) Spaces are 7’ wide by 7’ deep and come with a 6’x30” table.


Dealer Rules

1) The width of our aisles is important for the accessibility of our attendees, especially those who are wheelchair-bound. Displays and Merchandise are confined to the area allotted. Significantly disregarding the allotted space, shifting the space, or moving the tables/space of other dealers (empty or not) is strictly prohibited. If you are caught breaking this rule, you will be asked to move your displays/merchandise regardless of time or effort needed to correct it.

2) Adult (18+) material must be discretely displayed. Graphic images and titles must not be visible to anyone. ID must be checked for adult purchases.

3) No smoking or alcoholic beverages please.

4) Audio displays must be kept at a reasonable volume. The staff reserves the right to have volume modifications for any reason. Any music played must be age appropriate. Since this is a family convention we ask that you please refrain from playing music that contains profanity.

5) We reserve the right to prohibit the display of any merchandise that we deem inappropriate. Non-licensed videos and DVDs are not permitted. Any Dealer caught selling or displaying such will be asked to stop selling and remove said items from the table. Failure to do so may result in immediate expulsion from the convention.  All merchandise must be either Comic Book, CGC, Trading Card, Anime, Toy, Horror or Sci-Fi related. If you try to sell unrelated items you will be asked to remove such items.

Permitted Items:

Bulk of items (90%)
Comics, Toys,CGC, Anime, Sci-Fi, Horror, Fandom/Geek Related, Starting Lineup, Sporting & Collectible Cards, Hot WHeels, Models. Crafted Items should be Fandom Related.

Not Permitted:

Beanie Babies, Fidget Spinners, LuLaRoe, Autographed Items (Misc Celebrity Autographed Photos), Raffle or Games of Chance, Pornography (Magazine, Video. DVD), Bootleg Items, War Memorabilia, Weapons, Used Stuffed or Plush.

6) No convention flyers for other conventions are permitted to be passed out in the dealers’ room. All convention flyers must be displayed on the flyer table in the hallway after staff approval. We reserve the right to remove any flyers for any reason.

7) All dealers assume full responsibility for the collection and payment of any local state and or federal taxes. All dealers are responsible for any operating licenses that may be required by local, state or federal law.

8) All dealers are fully and solely responsible for their property while on the convention site during and after exhibition hours. It is recommended that dealers obtain adequate insurance to cover loss damage or liability. Neither llc nor its staff will be responsible for any injury, loss, or damage that may occur to the dealer, dealer’s associates, or property for any reason.

9) All dealers must have a signed contract on file. Dealer will not be permitted to set up without said signed contract.  PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A CONTRACT

10) There is to be no sticking of tape to the Venue walls.

11) There is to be no selling or displaying of any merchandise promoting pedophilia and that includes imagery pertaining to pedobear as well.

12) Contact lens sales are prohibited.

13) No Dealer shall be granted exclusive rights to sell a particular item or type of items.

14) If you are unable to attend please contact us as soon as possible so that we may turn you table over to other dealers who may be waiting for a space.  Failure to do so may result in banning from all our future conventions. 

15) The Cleveland Comic & Toy Convention is offering Attendees a free single table (while supplies last) where they may sell their collections, of unwanted permitted items related items. If you have a problem with this offer, please do not apply for your FREE DEALER”S TABLES

Neither llc nor staff associated with Cleveland Comic Con shall be liable for failure to perform its obligations in the event of an “Act of God”(power loss, rain, snow, hurricane, etc), Act Of War, or any cause that disrupts the convention. No money will be refunded if such an event occurs. There is no other agreement or warrantee between llc and the Dealer except as set forth in this document. The rights of llc under this contract shall not be waived excepted as specified in writing by llc. The Dealer agrees that any action that may arise based upon or related to this contract shall be in the court of the County of Summit, the State Of Ohio.