You may begin registering your furry friend starting at 1:00 pm Sat Sept 7th until 2:30pm
pm for the contest beginning at 3:00 pm.
The Judges will award 3 prizes for the most creative costumes:
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place

Judges will choose the winners based on showmanship, originality, design, craftsmanship, humor and overall creativity. Each Pet contestant will receive a numbered score (1 to 10) displayed at time of presentation.  In the event of a tie, the highest score will be determined by audience Applause -o-Meter

Rules and Regulations:

1. After Reregistering, please gather at the stage at least 15 minutes prior to the contest start.
2. Each pet must be on a leash and have an adult handler/walker (handler may be in cosplay as well)
3. Pet Entrants must fill out a form with name, contact information and a description of your pet and the
costume clearly printed we may announce your pet and also to be included in our winners’ advertising.

Please be mindful of other attendees, exhibitors and display space in regards to your pet being at the event. The Cleveland Comic & Toy Conventions and Cuyahoga Fair Grounds assume no risk or responsibility for any damages that may occur to or from your pet. Pet owner assumes all responsibility for any and all damages that may be incurred to or from their pet. Pet must be restrained by leash. No free roaming animals are permitted. Any abused or mistreated animals will be reported to the authorities.