About Us:

We are a group of fans from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and North Carolina who happen to love everything to do with Fandom! We staff various conventions from comic book conventions, gaming, anime and fantasy cons. Together we have many years worth of experience. We have banned together to help bring a new true fandom based themed event to The Forest City!  An event where the fan is able to buy, sell and trade along side established Dealers.  Many of us either currently reside in Cleveland or in the surrounding greater area. Those of us that do not have either lived in Cleveland or often spend time there. We hope that this year will grow into a yearly as an event in the year’s to come. With hard work and your support we know we can do it! Thank You!


The Cleveland Comic & Toy Con, although aimed mainly at Comic & Toy fandom is up to all forms of fandom, from Fantasy, Gaming, Anime, Sci-Fi and Horror.

We believe that fandom is for everyone and that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their personal appearance, talent level or fandom likes. we foster a community of welcoming and belonging. We are not exclusionary or elitist.

We are open to all feedback both positive and negative. Your words will help shape the path that the Cleveland Comic & Toy Con takes.